Photo Lamp Problems

I’ve got an old Flectalux 1000W Photo Lamp that keeps blowing bulbs, and at £9.00 each it’s a bit expensive to replace it. Luckily I got three bulbs cheaply from eBay, which arrived this morning, but the instant I plugged one in it blew…

Damn! I decided to strip down the lamp to see if I could spot a problem, but nothing seemed wrong. Rather than throw it away I had a go at upgrading the cooling by remodelling the pitch of the fan, upping the voltage on the fan motor to make it run faster, and oiling all the bearings.
The lamp has been running on and off, soak testing for a few hours now, and the bulb is behaving perfectly with a much cooler lamp now too!

OK so it’s a creaky old model, but there’s life in the old dog yet – something like me! 🙂