If it’s Friday then it must be Nettle Soup

An extract from my diary in 2011

When do villagers have time for anything beyond village life? Last week was a usual round of coffee, visits, socials, etc and this week we’ve had yet another busy spell as we lead up to Easter…

Last Thursday Sue and I spent a whole day baking bread rolls for the Friday Lent Lunch at the village church. If you’ve never attended one it’s a mixture of sermon, fund-raiser and social event. You don’t have to be a believer to attend (just as well for me as I’m semi pagan/atheist) as it’s nice just to listen to a different belief every now and again. The lunch was a simple but substantial affair – Nettle Soup, Bread Rolls and fresh, clean Water…. The last bit was important as the lunch was a fund-raiser to install wells and clean water systems in Third World Countries.

The next day our daughter Suzanne arrived requiring a dummy cake to be iced and a pair of dolls to be dressed as Prince William and Kate Middleton (for a Royal Wedding Window Display in her Chiropodist’s Clinic), Sunday was a “must go and see” day as the Palm Sunday service at the village church had a donkey leading the parade (and a lot of distinctly dodgy looking palm fronds) 😀

Monday we were back at the church for the weekly Coffee Morning and fund-raiser for the church restoration (our church is used as a village social centre rather than standing empty for days). Tuesday was a trip out of the village – to a neighbouring one for lunch! We have a village lunch club where some of the more senior and less mobile villagers are offered the chance to be whisked away for lunch in a decent pub. This week it was the Oak at Dewlish, a few miles away and purveyors of excellent food and local ales (and our local Cider “Rosies”, made just down the road from here 🙂 ).

Wednesday I was out doing my usual charity bits whilst Sue caught up on gardening and some gentle housework. Thursday was shopping and housework day and today we’re ready to start again – spending most of Friday baking for the local produce stall at the village St George’s Fair tomorrow 🙂

Who said that life in the country was quiet? 😀