Aren’t people’s tastes odd?

Recently I sold a painting at an exhibition in Shaftesbury, by no means the best painting I’ve ever done, and only entered into the exhibition as a “tongue in cheek” item.  It sold instantly, the first day of the exhibition 🙂

The same thing happened to me at an open exhibition in Poole.  I entered two pieces, one that I really liked and another I had kicking around so entered as a ‘semi-joke’ piece.  The one I thought of as rubbish sold the first day whereas the one I really liked didn’t sell 🙁

I can quote several more examples where I’ve sold really bad or ‘joke’ pieces and had to bring back home some works I class as good, so what is the problem.  Is it me as an artist that has a skewed view on what is “good” or is the public so out of touch with what makes decent art?

Frankly I don’t really care.  I’ve stopped worrying when a painting or photograph doesn’t sell, and don’t throw away anything I class as crap – someone, somewhere will eventually buy it 😀