David Bowie is dead…

Yes Bowie is dead.  So what?  Yes I loved his music, yes he was a true artist, but I also love the work of other living and dead artists too, so one more dead artist isn’t going to make me break down into uncontrollable expressions of grief.  He wasn’t a friend, I never met him except as one of thousands in an audience at one of his concerts so why should I be overly upset at his death?

Maybe it’s the medications I take but I’ve never understood why people publicly express grief and sorrow over people who are merely public figures, not close family or friends.  OK so someone you’ve seen on TV is dead, but is that a reason to go out littering a death scenes with bunches of flowers or fill social media with messages of sorrow?

OK so I’m a barely functioning psychopath so not able to empathise with people, but even so simple logic dictates that you shouldn’t be affected by the death of a stranger.  Thousands and thousands of people die every day, from starving babies to blown apart war victims, but I never see mass outpourings of grief for dead Tibetan monks illegally executed by the Chinese Authorities or dead children shot like rats in Brazilian slums….

Yes Bowie is dead.  The world of art may be poorer for it, but I won’t grieve!