Naturally Careful or Camera Careful?

Now here’s an interesting topic; I’ve just been playing back the videos from my in-car video camera and either I’m a totally careful and considerate driver, or I’m conscious of the fact that my driving is being recorded so I’m being more considerate that normal.

The videos show me giving way to pedestrians (which I know I do), leaving big gaps between me and the car in front – no tailgating, you can hear the indicators at every junction, I’m braking well in advance, I’M A DRIVING GOD! 😀

I’m sure the last time I drove like that (except when I’ve a police car behind me) was back in my Fire Service Advanced Driving days when we had driving refresher courses every year, so what is it?  Has the camera made me more considerate, at least until I forget it’s there and recording me, or has my driving become “old fart mode” where I’m destined to drive slower and slower until I forget about fourth and fifth gears and pretend I’m in a horse and cart 😉

I suspect it’s the “old fart mode” kicking in as it’s years since I got a speeding ticket, I’ve even got a clean licence and that’s something I never had until a few years ago.

OK – time for a trilby, pipe and driving gloves on the Christmas List 😀