Is it time to give up driving?

For many years as a driver I’ve held certain unshakable convictions, the most solid of which was that Audi, Mercedes, and BMW drivers never indicated at roundabouts or road junctions.  🙂

As a result, especially in Dorset where almost half the drivers are foreign tourists and the other half are in their dotage, I’ve had to develop a “sixth sense” about the direction other cars may be turning at junctions.  So imagine my shock today when, driving back from Blandford, a BMW actually stopped at a roundabout, indicated, and gave way to oncoming traffic….

The entire fabric of my driving world has been torn apart and now lies in tatters; my faith in reality is gone, replaced by a place where everything is veiled illusions and manic dreams where German-made car drivers obey the Highway Code 😮

There’s only one thing to do – give up driving, or buy a Lexus so rules of the road still don’t apply and I can be the one to never give way, and ignore the indicator stalk 😀