This week in Art – Sun 11th Jan 2015

I’ve decided to change my blog posts to a weekly format for absolutely no other reason than I felt like it…

OK so I haven’t been feeling all that well, both physically and mentally, and it could have been reflected in my work output, but I’ve been weaving on both the looms and making some progress.

The table loom has a wall hanging, for the Shaftesbury Snowdrop Festival, half done on it.  It has to be completed by the first week of February, so the deadline is looking a bit iffy.  I still have to finish the weaving, do the embroidery, hem the edges, and fix a suitable hanging system – easy! 🙁


The floor loom has a cream Huck Lace shawl on it.  The newly restrung loom using Texsolv cord to get the treadles correctly threaded seems to have been a success with the loom weaving much more smoothly, and I was getting on well – until…. 🙁   When I’d been winding the warp I’d obviously missed a knot in the yarn, as when the reed snagged it the knotted warp thread snapped!  DISASTER!

It wouldn’t have been so bad in a plain weave, etc – but this was a lace and the thread was bound to be noticed.  Luckily after doing a warp repair it didn’t seem to be that bad and within a few rows it was all looking good again – but I’ll take much more care to check yarn when winding warps in the future.


Other than weaving, it’s been a slow week.  I still haven’t answered Saatchi Gallery, I’ve several deadlines looming which I haven’t really done anything for yet, I’ve removed several “friends” from my Facebook pages – but on a positive note, I’ve tided out the studio and started clearing the garage to make a second studio, more weaving-based…

So much for my week!