Huck Lace Scarf

The floor loom has been causing me a few problems in trying to get the tie-up for the treadles right.  Countermarch looms are notoriously difficult to tie, but as mine is a mongrel loom I’ve no diagrams to help me – it’s all been trial and error…

Despite this I think I’ve got the pattern and the tie-up finally sorted for this Huck Lace shawl in a sand warp/cream weft colour.  I prefer open weaves and there’s several lace patterns I want to try, Huck being one of my favourites.  It hasn’t been all plain sailing though, I confess having to pull it all out twice before I was finally happy with it (the second time weaving nearly a yard before I decided I didn’t like it), why is pulling out so much harder and slower than the initial weaving?

It’s not quite finished in this photograph.  The shawl still needs washing to tighten and set the weave and I haven’t decided what type of fringe to tie on the ends…  But – anyone with deep pockets and a love of huck lace can now commission me for a scarf 🙂