A “New-to-me” Lervad/Harris Loom

After a trip to Oxford through torrential rain (which was so heavy it made me pull into a lay-by for a while) and then enduring miles and miles of roadworks, I finally picked up my new-to-me floor loom…

The trip back wasn’t quite so onerous but I was glad to get home, carry all the bits of the loom into the studio, and start reassembling – a task which was surprisingly simple 🙂

The difficult bit has been trying to identify the maker and model of the loom as a manufacturer’s plate looks like it’s been removed for some obscure reason some time in the past.  Possibly it’s a mongrel loom, made from the parts of several others 🙁

A couple of hours searching finally identified the top loom as a maybe a Danish loom made by Lervad sometime in the 1960s, and the stand and treadles made by Harris Looms.  As it shares components with several loom manufacturers, getting spare reeds and heddles shouldn’t be a problem .

Next task – wind up a warp, lace the treadles, thread the loom, and get weaving!  😀

The assembled Loom

The assembled Loom