Pheasant Suicide

The lanes and hedgerows are full of Pheasant this morning, and none of them has an ounce of road sense or hedge sense between them.

I know they’ve only got to survive a few days, just long enough to be worth shooting, but you’d think chick breeders would set up some sort of preparatory school for aspiring gun fodder. If they taught them about road safety, perhaps by setting up video screen in the breeding pens that randomly lit up showing pictures of cars and loud engine noises to scare the chicks, there’d be more of the left for shooting 😀

After three near collisions, between the birds and my car’s radiator grille already today, I’m a nervous wreck and have an overwhelming desire for a roast Pheasant dinner… Hmm, who do I contact to patent a new pheasant-training device I wonder 😀