Monthly Archives: October 2017

Storm Ophelia

I know Storm Ophelia is causing havoc in parts of Britain and Ireland but for me it’s brought a great benefit. For the last two days the air has been heavy with the smell of freshly sprayed pig manure but today there’s not a trace of it in the gusts and strong winds which are whistling around the house…

Thank you Ophelia 🙂

Incidentally the name Ophelia is from the Greek meaning “she who helps” 😀

Do Not Disturb

What part of sitting in the car, with eyes firmly closed, headphones on, and listening to loud music says, “Please touch my shoulder through the open car window, and start a conversation with me, even though you’re a total stranger”?

This has happened to me twice recently in Blandford where people have wanted to discuss such important topics as: ” You’re listening to music, aren’t you?”, and “You look comfortable”, or my particular favourite, “You looked liked you were asleep“!

Closing the window doesn’t really work either as some people just tap on it to attract my attention and ask if I’m listening to music… Even when I answer that I’m listening to a self-help tape on how to deal with people who invade my personal space they don’t get the hint and bugger off.

I’ve either got one of those faces that attracts eccentrics, or we have some invisible bond that brings lunatics together    Either way I’m going to have to make a “Do Not Disturb” sign to hang on the car window to allow me to doze in peace whilst Sue is shopping…