Monthly Archives: December 2015

Last-minute Xmas Shopping

Well, despite all the early Christmas shopping and the careful planning and preparation I had to go to Blandford in the pouring rain to buy some last minute items for tomorrow’s dinner. 🙁

Christmas cheer was not in evidence as people drove round and round in circles looking for a parking space and then fought their way through the gales and driving rain to stand in soggy queues outside shops or shove their way around supermarkets with overloaded shopping trolleys.

I only wanted milk and streaky bacon but still had to queue for ages at the “Express Checkout”, tut-tutting loudly as people in front of me ignored the “10 items or Less” instructions,

If we need anything else for the festivities then it’s hard luck as I’m not going beck to the hell-hole of pre-Christmas Blandford. I may be insane but I’m not daft enough to go back there shopping again… 😀

Age Discrimination Strikes…

I would never have classed Dorset as a hotbed of discrimination but for the last few days I’ve suffered from widespread and determined age discrimination… All I’ve wanted to do is visit Father Christmas in his Grotto, but everywhere I’ve been has refused me citing my age as a reason 🙁
Why? If I am prepared to believe in Father Christmas and pay a vast amount of money for a quick lap sit and a cheap toy then why deny me?
Really, I think they’re just jealous that I have a real beard and not a clip-on one 🙂

All I Want For Xmas…

Have you ever been behind one of those irritating drivers who brake every time a lorry goes past in the opposite direction? No? Just me then… I was stuck behind one this morning on the way to Blandford, and even dropping back to several car lengths behind didn’t save me having to brake frequently as the car in front jammed on their brakes at every big van and lorry passing 🙁

So if anyone is wondering what to get me for Christmas, I’d like a Car to Car Disintegrator Ray please (big enough to handle horse boxes too)  😉