Monthly Archives: November 2015

Junk Mail

How come I can block junk calls to my phones, filter out junk emails to my account, but I can’t stop the Postman delivering tons of junk mail through my letterbox? 🙁

This morning I had twelve items of post and only one was non-junk (and that was from HM Revenue & Customs so slightly junkish – a tax summary and a nicely coloured chart showing me how the government had spent it!).

I want an almost empty maibox on a morning, not one overflowing with catalogues, charity appeals, cheap insurance offers, and free company newsletters. Not too much to ask for, is it? 🙁

First in the Queue

I’m rarely without a camera and enjoy the situations which street photography allows me to capture.  Take this image for example; the juxtaposition between the banner and the woman can be viewed in several ways, my original reason was humour – but as I look more and more at the image I get pathos, sadness and maybe even despair.

I too am “horizontally challenged” so can’t place myself on a pedestal as an example of the perfect form so if I laugh at the image then I’m probably laughing at myself 🙁

P.S. Yes I did ask permission of the model before taking this photograph.

Naturally Careful or Camera Careful?

Now here’s an interesting topic; I’ve just been playing back the videos from my in-car video camera and either I’m a totally careful and considerate driver, or I’m conscious of the fact that my driving is being recorded so I’m being more considerate that normal.

The videos show me giving way to pedestrians (which I know I do), leaving big gaps between me and the car in front – no tailgating, you can hear the indicators at every junction, I’m braking well in advance, I’M A DRIVING GOD! 😀

I’m sure the last time I drove like that (except when I’ve a police car behind me) was back in my Fire Service Advanced Driving days when we had driving refresher courses every year, so what is it?  Has the camera made me more considerate, at least until I forget it’s there and recording me, or has my driving become “old fart mode” where I’m destined to drive slower and slower until I forget about fourth and fifth gears and pretend I’m in a horse and cart 😉

I suspect it’s the “old fart mode” kicking in as it’s years since I got a speeding ticket, I’ve even got a clean licence and that’s something I never had until a few years ago.

OK – time for a trilby, pipe and driving gloves on the Christmas List 😀

I’ve got Gout?

Just when I think life is going well it turns around and drops a load of manure all over me…

I’ve two excellent bottles of Vintage Port to drink and my Chiropodist daughter has just told me that my sore foot is actually GOUT!

Gout? Nobody suffers from Gout these days do they? Anyway I’ve been banned by “She-who-must-be-obeyed” from drinking until I can get to see a Doctor for confirmation and treatment. Even as an emergency, as this obviously is, I can’t get to see my Doctor until Monday morning…

Do you think I should go to the Accident and Emergency dept at Dorchester over the weekend instead of waiting?   It is a particularly fine Port, after all… 😀

UPDATE: It turns out that it wasn’t Gout, just bad Arthritis from too much walking in trainers instead of boots; so I’ve got my sore foot raised up on a stool and a glass of Port raised up in my hand 😀