Monthly Archives: October 2015

Another New Toy

I’ve got another new toy to play with – an in-car video camera 🙂

After a few ‘near misses’ by idiot drivers I’ve decided I need more protection for insurance claims than other drivers’ honesty.

It’s going to be a two-edged sword however as it will also show if it’s my fault; I suppose it could suffer a catastrophic SD card failure just at the critical point 😀

A Trip to the Doctor’s

After another trip to the doctor’s I’ve got arms like pincushions from all the blood tests, I rattle from the amount of pills I have to take, and I’m still dying slowly.

All this preventative medicine they subject me to wouldn’t be so bad if it led to something, preferably youthful rejuvenation, but instead all it’s giving me is bruises on my arms making me look like an aging heroin addict who’s mainlining, and joy of joys, a warning that this latest pill I’ve been prescribed to boost my blood iron levels will make me feel sick and turn my stools black!

Isn’t it fun getting old and having a teenage-looking doctor with an evil sense of humour?  🙁

My New Toy

I bought myself a wonderful toy today, an electric Hedge Trimmer! Not one of these toy cordless things but instead a real, full-on, heavy-duty corded trimmer…

Now it may seem like a mundane thing to buy to you, but if you’ve never owned one before a Hedge Trimmer is a thing of magic and beauty.  I’ve already spent a hour or so effortlessly wafting the trimmer along the front of the overgrown hedge but sadly have been forced into the house by the growing darkness, not to stop trimming for the day entirely though as I’m planning tomorrow’s full campaign of loppers, trimmer, secateurs, and saw to bring the beast-hedge under my dominion at last…

Hedge – you will be neatly trimmed !!!

Skip Envy

As part of a general “empty the shed and tidy the garden” campaign I’ve hired a waste skip – 4 cubic yards of gloriously empty space ready for filling up.

Within minutes of the skip being delivered it had attracted a small crowd of men all anxious to share the glory of owning a skip.  Forget sports cars – a skip commands much more interest; “how big is it”, “how long have you got it for”, “where did you hire it from”, but nobody daring to ask the un-askable question… “can I put something in your skip”?

Eventually, as I started to fill the skip, people drifted away but not before giving assurances that they too would be hiring skips in the not too distant future.

Skip envy is a terrible (but funny) thing to see….. 🙂