Monthly Archives: January 2015

I’m a happy Martyn!

I finally got a warp threaded on the floor loom yesterday so have started a bit of huck lace on it.

The total rebuilding of the loom over Christmas has made a huge difference to it’s action. It’s far smoother and faster now, and the shed (the gap between the raised and lowered threads) is much wider. 🙂

I knew something was wrong with the way the loom had been constructed before I stripped it down, and it took a lot of research, experimenting, and frustration to get it right – but it was all worth it.  Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so stubborn and would go for lessons to learn how to do things when I was struggling – but hey, I’m a male 😀

2015-01-07 17.47.35

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

To me it’s a thing of beauty – a warp fully threaded and tensioned on the loom ready for weaving. There’s more hours than you’d think gone into creating that sight too, especially as the first time I did it I got the threading slightly wrong and had to pull it all out and start again 🙁

That’s what comes of not paying attention to your threading plan 😀

2015-01-06 23.03.47

2014 and all that jazz…

So should I do a review of my 2014 or not? (incidentally my old English teacher told me never to start a sentence with either “and, so, or but”).

OK, I may do a “quickie” one…

  • Bought a loom
  • Learned to weave
  • Built a studio
  • Learned to paint
  • Bought a bigger loom
  • Learned to weave bigger things

Everything else?  Same as it was in 2013 – end of review 😆