Monthly Archives: October 2014

Life Modelling

I’ve just done my first session as a Life Model for many years, in fact I still had a waistline and muscles last time I modelled. I couldn’t remember all the “standard” art college poses but I think I got close enough to them to keep the artists happy, and they’ve asked me back to model again 🙂

Luckily the longest poses I had to do were only 15 minutes, but even so a few of my wasted muscles felt like they were having a heck of a workout. Despite the aches I enjoyed it, especially as the coffee was good – also the quality of drawing was very high, perhaps too high as I could see that I really need to get rid of a lot of flab from around my belly 🙁

Anyway, if anyone is undecided about life modelling then don’t be shy, I’d really recommend you giving it a try. It’s a good laugh and you’re helping people to learn to draw and sketch…

More Welsh Blanket Practice

This is the piece I started threading last night before realising this morning that most of it was threaded wrongly 🙁

After a lengthy correction I finally got it right – a balanced plain weave similar to Welsh blanket patterns (and before you say that the white warp stripe in the centre of the photo is wider than the others – it’s supposed to be) 😛


Welsh Blanket Weave

I’ve been experimenting with plain weave and colour using just 2 frames to get a checked effect instead of the easier 4 frames.

It’s not quite what I wanted as the pink isn’t a solid shade, varying from pink, through blue, to grey. If it had been a pure pink the effect would be much more noticeable.

Ah well, so much to learn, so little lifespan left to do it 😉


Open Weave Scarf

I know I said I was putting the Loom away for the winter but I had one idea which I really wanted to try first – to use different colours, textures, and diameter fibres in my warp to make a fairly open-weave vertically patterned scarf instead of the usual horizontally striped pattern.

I think it works… :)  (Sorry about the poor photo)